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Wandering through the Frýdlant bulge

Even the northernmost bulges of our republic territory have much to offer to you. The population density is a bit smaller than in the central part, and that's what gives the region its magic. Take some really beautiful roads into account and add some interesting places worth a visit there and we can start planning a great trip for half a day.
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Wandering through the Frýdlant bulge

Length of the route: 135 kilometres

Ride time: approximately 3 hours

We are heading straight northbound this time. Take the E 442 from Liberec towards Děčín, exit that road just at the town outskirts and follow the traffic signs along the No. 13 road (Habartice, Frýdlant). That road will take you to Mníšek (point 1), where you follow the traffic signs towards Frýdlant. Great asphalt surface and one turn following another, ride through Albrechtice to the long plain, where the turn turn to Dětřichov (point 2) will take to the left. Turn left at the first junction towards Višňová and then you will have to decide where to go further. If you are eager to have a look around, go straight to Heřmanice; there, at the outskirts, you can find roadsigns to the right towards modern look-out tower, which is quite interesting from the architectural point of view. Then return back to Dětřichov, where at the second junction follow the traffic signs towards Višňová.

Sneak through a narrow but beautiful road with a quite good number of curves and horizons along the Czech-Polish border to Višňová (point 3). Continue your ride along the main road and follow the traffic signs towards Černousy. By a ride past the train station and along the track you can reach the village of Filipovka. Then we recommend taking a detour into the village of Saň (follow the roadsigns to the left). It's a somewhat worse trip than before, but only a short one; as a reward you will get to God's forgotten calm and peacefully place. In addition, you can sit there on the terrace above the middle of the pond and enjoy the delicacies served in the local country pub.

Then continue from Filipovka further towards Černousy (point 4), you can still expect a very nice ride. Not only the chapel is worth a visit in Černousy, you can find also a renovated castle courtyard with a restaurant there. Then it is just a short ride from Černousy along the same road to the intersection with the No. 13 road. Take the road to the right towards Frýdlant. Ride through Pertoltice and the road will take you to Arnoltice (point 5). There, just not very far behind the church, look for the turn left towards Bulovka. Just at the beginning of Bulovka, turn right to Krásný Les (point 6). Winding roads of the Frýdlantsko region continue there, turn left in Krásný les to Jindřichovice pod Smrkem (point 7). It is a beautiful village literally at the end of the world with the Museum of Rural Life before the Industrial Revolution and with a pair of wind turbines with an information centre and a farm cuisine  refreshment offered there.

Ride from Jindřichovice further along the No. 29110 road and follow the traffic signs towards Nové Město pod Smrkem (point 7). At first ride from Nové Město towards Frýdlant and then, at the edge of the square, turn left towards Hejnice. Through Ludvíkov you can reach Lázně Libverda (Spa) with famous Giant Drum and well known spa area. Continue your ride to Hejnice (point 8), where fascinating temple of the Visitation of Holy Virgin Maria is worth a visit. The route will take you along the No. 290 main road to the right towards Raspenava. There take the left turn towards Liberec, which will take you through  Oldřichovské mountain saddle to the hilltop, where you can find another famous  country pub on the left.

Then the road continues from Oldřichov back to Mníšek (point 1), where you can enjoy more opportunities of entertainment and swimming in the Fojtka Dam. This could be the end of today’s trip and you could return back to Liberec, but we have got another proposal for you ... let us continue. In Mníšek také the turn right again towards Frýdlant, but at the end behind the petrol station, take the turn left to the No. 592 road towards Chrastava. You can ride through the beautiful valley and through Nová Ves to Chrastava (point 9) with a beautiful historical square. Follow the No. 592 road through the town and then follow the roadsigns to Kryštofovo Údolí (point 10). A beautiful village hidden in the depth of valley will show you the original village architecture and also the first Czech village astronomical clock and the Museum of Traditional Folklore Nativity Scenes.

Take the curved road through Noviny and under the breathtaking railway viaduct, then ride downhill to Křižany (point 11); there you will have an oportunity to enjoy a beautiful view of Ještěd ridge. 

Turn left towards Liberec in Křižany and ride past the Semering guesthouse at the intersection with the road from Český Dub. Turn right there again and let us go to the serpentines of Ještěd. The ride upwards is definitely rather more interesting and exciting than in the opposite direction so you can enjoy it during this trip. Ride further from Tetřeví mountain saddle below Ještěd and the road will take you to Liberec in a couple of minutes. Follow your nose and ride downhill to the town centre.

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