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Through endless hills of the Jizerské Mountains and the Giant Mountains

The Jizerské Mountains, the Giant Mountains but even northern bulge of so called Bohemian Paradise are located in a hilly terrain, which means there is an endless number of turns and bends on the roads ahead of you.
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Through endless hills of the Jizerské Mountains and the Giant Mountains

Length of the route: 152 kilometres

Ride time: approximately 3 hours

This time we will leave Liberec by the speedway (R35) towards Prague. After 23 kilometres (point 1) we will not turn right into Mladá Boleslav, but we will ride straight ahead to Turnov (Harrachov). From the four-lane road we then ride down to the No. 10 road and follow the traffic signs towards Harrachov. Soon we will approach Jizera River and riding along it through Malá Skála we will get to Železný Brod (point 2). Here we turn left at the main intersection at Cristal Hotel and continue our ride on the No. 10 road towards Harrachov. Next 5 kilometres of the road to Loužnice is considered by local people to be one of the best roads for motorbike riding. So be careful, you could often encounter reckless and rough riders there.

No. 10 Road will lead you through Držkov directly to Plavy (point 3), where you can turn behind the self-service shop to the right to Zlatá Olešnice. You can enjoy an easy ride through villages and forests around Zlatá Olešnice, up to the intersection at the Mexiko Pub in Sklenařice (point 4). Continue your ride straight ahead and follow the traffic signs towards Jablonec nad Jizerou (point 5). Cross Jizera River there and then turn left at the junction with the No. 14 road to ride towards Harrachov. Then, after two kilometres, turn right on the No. 294 road to Rokytnice nad Jizerou. The road takes you through the infinitely long Rokytnice, which is one of the main winter ski centres of this region. After riding through Rokytnice you can enjoy motard style ride with climbing up the wavy road to Rezek Mountain  Hotel where you can enjoy the views of part of the Giant Mountains.

Continue your ride downhill from Rezek Hotel, and after one kilometre follow the traffic sign towards Horní Mísečky, keep left on the main road. You will reach the intersection at Praha Hotel (point 6) after riding another 4 kilometres on the narrow asphalt road leading through the forest. Turn right and take the No. 286 road towards Jilemnice.  The route takes you through Vítkovice and Dolní Štěpanice to Hrabačov, from where you will continue straight to Jilemnice (point 7). If you are tired enough to enjoy a break, then you can visit the local chateau where the Giant Mountains Museum is located. Otherwise, continue your ride to the right towards Semily at the central roundabout and then turn left as indicated by the traffic signs towards Roztoky. Ride through Roztoky to Svojek and then to Libštát, where you should turn right on the No. 283 main road.

The narrow road turns into a standard district one turning around Oleška through Košťálov (point 8). There you can find the turn to the left to Stružinec (point 9) where you can turn right and take the No. 284 road and follow the traffic signs towards Turnov. You can enjoy an easy faster ride through Žlábek, Tatobity, Radostná pod Kozákovem, Loktuša a Bělá – stay on the main road and follow the traffic signs towards Turnov (point 10). You will arrive to Turnov, which is said to be the gate of so called Bohemian Paradise from east, so you will have the opportunity to ride through all the town centre. Turnov has its magical atmosphere and a coffee break or sightseeing of the Museum of Bohemian Paradise is a pleasant addition to the trip. You can enjoy a visit to the newly built outdoor swimming pool in Maškova zahrada in hot days. Those who are not yet satisfied could follow signs and enjoy a tour of the nearby Hrubý Rohozec Chateau, or go on even a few hundred metres away, to explore local brewery. When you get bored by all the impressions of Turnov, mount your bike again and follow the traffic signs towards Liberec, the four-lane road (E 442) will take you there from Turnov in twenty minutes.

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