Let art warm you up

When the leaves are changing colour and you’re never sure of what the weather’s going to do, this is the right time to visit the city’s theatres, museums and galleries.


Představení Mauglí, foto: Hančovský

Představení Mauglí, foto: Hančovský

North Bohemian Museum

Accept an invitation to the North Bohemian Museum, which has recently undergone several years of refurbishment and now wants to show off its new interior, so admission is free of charge until the end of the year. The themed collections are displayed in exhibitions such as the “Beauty and Utility” of European art, the “Touch of the North”, which presents the nature and countryside of the Jizera Mountains, and you can find out more about the city’s tumultuous history in the exhibition entitled “Fragments of Liberec”. The museum building itself is also a prized exhibit. In terms of its architecture it is reminiscent of a town house, a chapel and a palace, while at the rear there looms a copy of the old town hall tower, which offers beautiful views of the surrounding area.


Regional Gallery in Liberec

Opposite the museum you can visit the Regional Gallery in Liberec; just don’t get confused by the large “Lázně” (“Spa”) sign, which is what this building used to house. The gallery is very proud of this past and makes witty use of it in its collections. Immerse yourself in waves of art and check out the new exhibitions. As the gallery’s motto goes, “There’s always something to look at here!”.


Technical Museum

The trio of exhibition spaces is completed on Masarykova ulice (which is said to be the most beautiful street in Bohemia) by the nearby Technical Museum, where the biggest exhibits can be found not in the museum itself, but in front of it. Awaiting you inside there are cars, motorbikes and bicycles, and you can also see an exhibition on the history of urban transport in the region. One attraction at the museum is the Bajza’s Grocery Store, which is an exhibition of old radios inspired by the famous novel “Bylo náš pět” (“We Were a Handful”), as well as a display of cameras and photographs.



You’ll find large exhibition spaces in Liberec’s iQLANDIA, which takes visitors into the fascinating world of nature, science and technology. You’ll really need lots of time to take everything in and also try out the hundreds of interactive exhibits on offer. Your tour of iQLANDIA will also now be accompanied by a cognitive game, which reveals the story of glass and how it is used. Take a walk along the Crystal Trail and light up iQLANDIA!


Come to Liberec and be entranced by the arts…