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Film Smetana

Bedřich Smetana conducted in the theater in Liberec

The film Smetana with Václav Neužil in the lead role was filmed at the F. X. Šalda Theater in Liberec In February. We are looking forward to the release of the film, just from the images alone we have the lasting impression that the famous music composer has literally come to life. It is also very symbolic – in 2024 we commemorate the anniversary of 200 years since his birth and 140 years since his death. © Česká televize – photo: Pavla Černá

Zoo Liberec

The Liberec Zoo acquired rare vultures

Thanks to many years of experience and many internationally recognized breeding successes in the breeding of raptors, the Liberec Zoo managed to acquire a breeding pair of rare white-backed vultures. They are among the most endangered predators in the world and currently no other zoo in the Czech Republic keeps them. They arrived in Liberec this morning and were provided to the garden by a private breeder from Germany. Both vulture individuals are currently placed in an aviary in the background of the garden, so unfortunately visitors will not be able to see them yet. After acclimatization, zoologists will


News in DinoPark: DinoAquarium and paleontologist’s cabinet

Come and see under the surface of the ocean, where you can observe Kronosaurus, Plesiosaurus or the pearly nautilus behind the glass. The new DinoAquarium in DinoPark Plaza Liberecis waiting for you, and be careful, don’t get scared!   Have fun, play, explore, discover! In the new paleontologist’s cabinet, everyone can play it. You will learn a lot of interesting things about the paleontological site of Tanis, how it was with the fall of the asteroid and you can see real fossils or how the hatching process takes place. You can find all of this in the new exhibition, the Paleontologist’s Cabinet.

Botanická zahrada

The Botanical Garden is full of apples

You can see a remarkable thematic exhibition where you will get to know the stories of 60 historical, commercial and newly bred varieties in the Liberec Botanical Garden in the period from 8 to 18 February 2024. Apples are displayed in different parts of the botanical garden and some varieties can be tasted. The exhibition also includes an accompanying program with lectures and guided apple tasting. There is a story behind every apple. Did you know that the Opal apple was chosen as a dietary supplement for NASA astronauts? Thanks to this, this Czech-bred variety reached the orbit of the planet Earth.

Skiareál Ještěd

Where to have some fun in the snow in winter

When the winter landscape dons its snow-white jacket and the weather’s decent, it’s the perfect time to pull out those skates, skis, cross-country skis or ice axes and have a blast out in the cold… OFF TO THE RESORTS WITH YOUR DOWNHILL SKIS AND SNOWBOARDS The Ještěd ski resort is the most easily accessible resort in the Czech Republic; it’s a piece of cake to get there by taking the tram, and from the terminus station no. 3 (there’s also a large car park nearby) it’s only around 240 metres from the lower chairlift station. The resort has tracks of all difficulty levels; the