City Information Centre Liberec offers Tickets

You can purchase: Theatre-Tickets, Skipasses Jested (Autumm Pre-Sale) or other Tickets for Events (Cards accepted for value 100 CZK or higher, cash in CZK only).


These ticketing system you can book online and later get by the City Information Centre Liberec:


These Public transport tickets you can purchase at the City Information Centre Liberec:

Tram and Bus Tickets Price CZK Expl. Validity
Weekend – Family Ticket  (Tram lines 2 + 3 only) 200 2 Adult, 3 Children Weekends (Friday 12:00 – Sunday 0:00)
Tourist Daily Ticket (Tram lines 2 + 3 only) 50 Adult 24 hours
Tourist Daily Ticket Child (Tram lines 2 + 3 only) 12 Child 24 hours
Daily Ticket (all lines in the City Liberec) 80 Adult 24 hours
Daily Child Ticket (all lines in the City Liberec) 20 Child 24 hours
1 Ride Ticket (transferable) 20 Adult 40 Min
1 Ride Children Ticket (transferable) 5 Child 40 Min
Transport Schedules