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DC-9 simulator

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Created:4.5.2018 | Modified:15.3.2021

Address:Tanvaldská 345Liberec, 463 11GPS:50°44'30.0''N; 15°05'21.0''E[Map]
GSM:+420 777 227 171E-mail:petra.bila@realsim.czWeb:http://www.realsim.cz
The most realistic simulator of the DC-9 transport aircraft in the world can be found in Vratislavice n. N. in Liberec.

Simulator offers:

  • VFR flight (Visual Flights Rules) Fly around 300 m - 2 km above the ground in good weather over your city. Do you recognise your house?
  • Flight from and to any airport in the world.
  • Simulation of airplane technical difficulties including engine fire or fire in the cabin (using oxygen masks and glasses)
  • IFR flights (Instrument Flight Rules - Flight Rule, in which case you can also fly beyond zero visibility)
  • Experienced import to the cockpit and return to the place of accommodation in the renowned electric car Tesla model S
  • Sitting in the Real Simulator VIP Lounge with snacks
  • Preparation of banquet tables
  • Experienced driving in Tesla Model S electric car (up to 4 people)