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Magical Himalaya

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Place:Výstaviště Liberec
Address:Masarykova 424/546001 LiberecGPS:50°46'1.8''N; 15°03'22.7''E[Map]
Beginning:8. 5. 2018 0:00End:31. 10. 2019 0:00
Type:ExhibitionKind:Jiný typ akceRecommended for:Relaxing holidayCharacter:Local
The largest exhibition of its kind in Central Europe. It provides an interesting overview of four countries: NEPAL - TIBET - BHUTAN - INDIA. The exhibition MAGICAL HIMALAYA is a picture of 27 years of Rudolf Svaříček's traveling to the Himalayas. It shows not only the world's highest mountain range but also interesting life beneath the ice peaks.
THE MAGICAL HIMALAYAS exhibition is a picture of 27 years of travel around the Himalayas by Rudolf Švaříček, an explorer from Brno. It is devoted not only to the highest mountain range in the world, but also to the interesting lives lived under the icy summits from the perspectives of religion, people, rituals and the beauties of the local countryside. Visitors are therefore drawn into a different world. They learn about everyday happenings beneath the Himalayas, rituals, religious feasts and climbing the highest mountains. Images of ethnic lines and their human stories were built up over a quarter of a century on the journeys of Ruda Švaříček and his colleagues. The exhibition provides pectacular views of the colourful world of the mountains and the people that live there. It travels from the hot lowlands and thick, green jungle through different areas of vegetation on to a land of permanent snow and ice. You will find out about fragile cultures, spiritual movements and world religions. The exhibition begins with colourful animism, the impressive birth of other cultures. Many rewarding experience displays are accompanied by hundreds of large photographs and thousands of valuable collection items, all brought together by the scent of Buddhist sticks, Indian spices and teas. There is something for everyone, including children. Let yourself be taken away by a mosaic of perception and tales of adventure.