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Hardly anyone is associated with so many myths and legends as Jan Josef Antonín Eleazar Kittel, the famous doctor and herbalist from the frontier of the Jizera and Krkonoše mountains.
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Kitl Šláftruňk continues the tradition of medicinal wines, which were widely used in the past. The differences between the Golden and the Crimson Kitl Šláftruňk were the type of wine used and one herb (the secret eighth herb).

Kitl Šláftruňk has calming and relaxing effects and for this reason it is recommended before bedtime. Some of the other products include the Kitl Životabudič (pick-me-up), the locksmith ointment, Kittel's mead with propolis or the herbal liqueur of Doctor Kittel.

The recipe for a guaranteed excellent Hot Syrup:

(recommended dilution ratio: 1:8)

· add a slice of orange or lemon and a pinch of cinnamon to the hot beverage made from Ginger Syrup

· serve the Elderberry Syrup with a slice of apple or pear and spice it up with a hint of cloves

· add a teaspoon of honey to the hot beverage made from Mint Syrup

Place the individual ingredients in a saucepan or glass for the hot beverage, but be careful – don’t overdo it! Only a little fruit and spice is necessary, otherwise they will drown out the original taste of the Syrup. Also pour the syrup into the saucepan and then pour in hot water at a temperature between 70 and 80°C.