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Ruined castle and Hermitage Sloup

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Created:14.2.2008 | Modified:3.4.2023

Address:Ke Hradu 125Sloup v Čechách, 471 52GPS:50°44'8.8''N; 14°34'51.0''E[Map]
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The 30-metre-tall sandstone formation seemed to be a safe place for people from prehistoric times.

The watch tower surrounded with moats was built in the middle ages to order by the Ronovec family. Its strategic position made it an active party during the wars with the Lusatian Six-Towns Alliance. It was not conquered until the defenders had been completely starved. The decay came from Swedish troops that during the Thirty Years War burnt the castle down. In the 17th century the remnants were donated to hermits. Emperor Joseph II ordered the hermits to leave; afterwards, the castle was deserted.

The locality is now used for candle-light summer Saturday concerts and occasional performances of historic fencing. There are several special events as well, such as exhibitions (Folk Sculpture in Sandstone and Hermits in northern Bohemia).

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