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Castle ruins of Hamrštejn

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Created:14.2.2008 | Modified:22.5.2023

Address:463 31 ChrastavaGPS:50°47'11.6''N; 14°58'14.5''E[Map]
Hamrštejn (although it is a ruin of castle) is a popular tourist destination between Liberec and Chrastava. It is well accessible by train (Machnín Hrad stop) or by bike along the No. 20 Odra-Neisse. Go to a little sightseeing trip, along the trail there are educational boards.

Our tip:

When visiting Hamrštejn, we recommend not to forget another local attraction, which is almost within sight of the ruins:


You can find it in the direction from Hamrštejn after crossing the railway tracks and moving to the river under the viaduct. 

Transborder is a suspension bridge over the Nisa river for manual drive. Passengers move the cabin directly by pulling the rope. The chain hoist is designed in such a way that passengers do not have to exert great force. The transborder project comes from the architect Martin Rajniš.
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