Playful Liberec is packed with smart fun for families with children

Where to take the children in the holidays? To Liberec, of course! And come and stay for a longer time! We have so many fun activities for you that just a couple of days won’t be enough.


Liberec Zoo is the oldest in Bohemia! Although it is one of the smaller ones, meaning you can take everything in during a couple of hours, it’s still a highly acclaimed zoo for its success in breeding endangered species. It boasts an extraordinary collection of mountain ungulates and birds of prey, for instance.


The greenhouses of Liberec Botanical Gardens send you on a voyage all over the world. Walk through the red-hot desert, and in just a few steps you’ll find yourself immersed in the stifling humidity of tropical rainforests. Savour the magic of colours and scents from every continent.


Take your older kids for a chat with a robot. They’ll see fire dance, hear lightning sing, feel the Earth quake beneath their feet and teach a waterfall to draw. What’s it like to see the world thought the eyes of a cat, a dog or a horse? Can they carry out a laparoscopic operation like a real surgeon? And dare they train as an astronaut in a gyroscope? Come and see. Smart fun – that’s iQLANDIA!


This science and entertainment centre is a paradise for the youngest boffins. They can build dams or spin turbines, while on other floors they can become a fire-fighter, a shopkeeper, a builder or even a TV star. What’s it like to walk along the tilted deck of a model of the Titanic? Can you walk on a fakir’s bed, and how hard is it to put the organs in the right place in a model of the human body? Give it a try.


Let the children have play around in the Funpark, to test out their agility in the ninja arena, raft down a “waterfall”, try a drive through the city or fight a fun battle in the shooting castle. In the baby play area toddlers can become ice-cream sellers, shopkeepers, doctors or florists, while adventurers of all ages will love the trampolines, climbing frames and other fun active features. You’re allowed to monkey around in here!


Do you like fairs, too? You can enjoy one all year round in the Babylon Lunapark. Have fun chasing around in the autodrome, riding rodeo on a wild bull, or get dizzy on the merry-go-rounds. Little children can ride the duck train and get butterflies on the swings or the mini-chain carousel. Older children will have a great time on the trampolines, climbing frames and climbing wall, while a mini tower will take them "up into the clouds".


Ever got lost? You’ll certainly feel that way in the Babylon Labyrinth, as it’s quite a puzzle to find the right route through a maze of 120 mirrors. Besides the classic mirror maze, there is also a mysterious labyrinth with ghosts, not to mention a room full of optical illusions. Come and lose yourself in here!


Have fun with dinosaurs in Mesozoic Liberec. Braver children are sure to want to try the DinoTrek adventure trail, which will take them up high, have them wading through water, and then run right under the feet of the giants that roam the park. The DinoLaser will also put them to the test, as it takes real agility to escape that web of laser beams. Very young children who visit the children’s palaeontology play area can discover a hidden skeleton and there’s lots of fun and playing around to enjoy in the rope castle. Mesozoic forever.


Papilonia Liberec will take you on an adventure to the heart of the jungle, where a crashed plane rests as an uninvited guest among the hundreds of fluttering butterflies, lending this Butterfly House an unrepeatable atmosphere. Part of the exhibit is a photo booth, allowing you to take a picture with a butterfly on a snow-white backdrop.



The green heart of the city offers the little ones a children’s maze, a sandpit, climbing frames, and a storks’ nest made of branches. You can borrow something to read from the book booth, settle yourself into a hammock and gasp in surprise at the things your do-it-yourselfers bring from the creative workshop and the goodies they've cooked for you in the mud kitchen. Yum yum. Leisure time offline and in the countryside is far from boring.


The children’s play area is a large playground for the little ones, which several generations from Liberec grew up on. Besides the water trough with its jets, they also have a mini Ferris wheel, a large sand pit, swings, slides, a maze, scooters and an amazing train with a tunnel, so in good weather you can spend the whole day here while your child plays.


If your kids are feeling restless and need to be properly entertained, exercised and tired out, head to the Nisapark in Vratislavice, Liberec, also known as "the playground by the cinema”. This is a little further away than our other tips, but offers some really great attractions – such as air trampolines, wooden things to play on, a giant sandy beach, water mist and, for those weary “drop-outs”, there’s also a waterbed. Lots of attractions and even more fun. Jump right in!