Be in Liberec eco-friendly

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Created:13.5.2020 | Modified:27.6.2020

If you are in favor of a healthy lifestyle and an environmentally friendly approach, then in this article we would like to offer you some tips on how to be eco-friendly in our city and also advise you where you can meet people with the same philosophy.

Organic stores

Farmers' goods can be found in the store Spižírna, healthy food, but also organic cosmetics and eco drugstore can be found in Gaia or Jo-bio stores, where is great zero-packaging and organic food store right in the city centre is GRAM in OC LBC. As you can see, bio quality is within reach.

Healthy restaurant

If you are thinking about eating, then we can recommend the vegetarian restaurant Ánanda, the first Rawbistro in Liberec where food is not cooked but prepared, or VEGway - a purely vegan snack where they will bring you food. You will also enjoy visiting the Fresh cantine salad bistro, the renowned vegetarian bistro Mikyna or the slow-food restaurant with authentic Omam world cuisine. Omam! :D


Green transport

In Liberec everything is almost within reach, getting from point A to point B is quite easy on foot and yet you have the opportunity to better know and experience the city. If you still want to shorten your journey, then the ideal option is to use public transport. All tourist destinations could be found on the tramline No. 3, which runs through the city from one end to the other. Trams will take you under the Ještěd ridge and literally, a rarity is the tram connection to the neighbouring town of Jablonec nad Nisou (tram No. 11). Liberec and trams just belong together, so why not use it.


Natural workshops

The first craft center - KultiVAR or the Hrst design shop organize interesting workshops during the year. There you can make your own cosmetics, eco-friendly drugstore or moss paintings. The AvantgArt offers some courses too, which take place in Zauhlovačka. You will learn to upholster your seats or renovate wooden furniture. For those who are not afraid of hard work could be great the workshops by Tvoříme z palet (making furniture from wooden pallets).


EKOPark Liberec

EKOPark is called the "green heart of the city" and deserves this designation. It is a place where families with children head in the summer season to try the barefoot trail, walk through the mud or feed local goats. Adults can enjoy relaxing in hammocks or over coffee in the Tree Top Cafe, while the children prepare their treats in the muddy kitchen and make souvenirs in the eco shop. Free time offline is definitely not boring!


Farmers markets

Every Thursday, from late March to mid-November, regional farmers offer homegrown fruits, vegetables, flower seedlings, bakery goodies or even a variety of fish and great beer at Farmers' Markets next to the City Hall. The traditional Farmers Market at the OC Forum are also popular.  There you can find the best of local farmers every day (except Sunday) from 7 a.m.


Flea markets

Flea Markets take place in the parking lot at Home Credit Arena twice a month on Saturday morning - Všehotrhy, where you can sell what you no longer need or buy, what others do not want.



Modern urban market TaTrhy takes place occasionally in Liberec, attracting a varied mix of goods. You will find excellent food and drinks, original pieces from design artists from all over the country.