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Created:3.10.2019 | Modified:26.6.2020

Are you planning a trip to Liberec and do you want to take your animal friend with you? Then the following lines are just for you, in which we will advise you where you and your four-legged companion will be happy to see you…

Visiting cultural facilities for a dog is not

We must warn you at the outset that your furry friends will be denied a visit to cultural facilities. Taking them with you to theaters, cinemas, museums and galleries is not allowed and the ban on entry for dogs also applies to popular tourist destinations such as the Liberec Zoo and Botanical Garden.
Summer hiking with a dog

But there is no need to despair, we have a much better idea for you - go on a real nature trip with your dog! And in this respect, our city offers absolutely ideal conditions for all tourists. From the northeast, Liberec is surrounded by beautiful forests of the Jizera Mountains and from the southwest it is again protected by the Ještěd ridge. Both places offer a number of routes of different lengths, so you can easily choose according to time or condition. You can easily get to the mountains by local transport, there are buses to Jizerky and trams take you comfortably to Ještěd.

Traveling with a dog

Speaking of Liberec public transport, you will certainly be pleased that it is favorable to dogs. Fares are not paid for them, you just need a basket and a guide for them, of course. If you want to travel by train, expect to pay the fare for your four-legged companion according to the number of kilometers traveled. Also when riding the cable car to the top of Ještěd, it is necessary to pay a fare for the dog, which in this case - compared to an adult tourist - is only half. If you want to go abroad with your dog (in EU countries), then it must be chipped or tattooed and at the same time vaccinated against rabies (passport of the animal with you).

Swimming with a dog

When the heat hits in the summer, everyone longs for a cold bath. Pools and public swimming pools (including the Lesní koupaliště in Liberec) are forbidden to your dog, but you can refresh yourself in the waters of the Harcov dam in Liberec, in the Vesecký pond called Tajch or for example at the Fojtec dam in Mníšek. The popular Jablonec dam Mšeno prohibits bathing dogs in the first dam during the bathing season - ie from 1 May to 31 August. In the period from May to September, dogs can only use the local II. and III. dam.

Winter hiking with a dog 

On the other hand, as soon as our region is immersed in snowdrifts with the arrival of winter, the ski season begins and enthusiastic athletes head to the mountains. If you go in the same direction, then be sure not to go to the slopes, which are forbidden for pedestrians and dogs for safety reasons. And they will definitely not like to see you even on cross-country trails, where pedestrians are a disaster for the hard-built ski trails. However, we can recommend a comfortable journey from the so-called Maliník (saddle above Bedřichov), through the Czech Cottage to Lidové sady. Buses will take you to Maliník, then you will go all the way down the hill when you get back to Liberec. This four-kilometer route is very popular and often full of other companions, so you don't have to worry about impassable snowdrifts. Be careful, sometimes a skier or children on bobsleighs and sleighs will whistle after her, so keep your dog under supervision. And if you get hungry, thirsty or less tired on the way, stop to gather strength in the Česká chalupa restaurant. You will find it about a third of the way and dogs are allowed to enter it.

Goodies for dogs

After you enjoy a good meal, you may want to make your dog happy. In that case, you don't have to think long and go straight to the first dog bakery in Liberec with the promising name Bone Apetit. Treats, granules or even cakes for dogs from this bakery are 100% natural and are made from quality pieces of meat, fish, cheese, fruit and vegetables.

And since what goes inside must also go out, we will also take the opportunity to ask all decent owners at this place to always clean up what is needed after their dog.

Finally, something for cat lovers

So far, we have focused on dogs in our article, so now we will at least correct it a bit by talking about cats at the end. You probably won't go on trips with them, but if you still prefer cats to cats, we have a tip for you. There is a unique cat café in Liberec - Catfé Kočičárna! It is a great place with good coffee, tasty desserts and especially with cats, which you can not only caress, but also adopt them and give them a new home. The staff of the Liberec Municipal Information Center wishes you and your animal friends a pleasant holiday. And if you want to visit our information center, don't forget to take your furry companion with you. They are always welcome with us!

If your dog gets lost: Útulek Archa, tel .: 485 106 412, mobile: 602 774 104, address: Ostašovská 570, Liberec 11
If your dog becomes ill: Non-stop service: Veterina Růžodol, tel .: 485 103 881, address: Ostašovská 584/26, Liberec 11