Enjoy rainyˆLiberec

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Created:9.11.2018 | Modified:13.5.2020

The outside is cold and damp, but you do not want to sit at home or in a hotel room? That´s great because you can do a lot of things in the rain in Liberec. Don´t you have any ideas? Read on to find out that the rainy Liberec is actually the best thing that could happen to you!

For lovers of culture, exhibitions and expositions we have both classic and unusual tips. You will definitely not get lost in the unique greenhouses of the Botanical Gardens although you will go through almost the whole world – across the tropics of South America to the desert of Australia to the expositions of carnivores and orchids. Also enjoy the pavilion with aquariums thanks to the gentle movement of fish is so reassuring.

Breathtaking space of the Regional Gallery Liberec in the former spa can never pall. Additionally, when you come on Thursday, you save the money for the entry and you can enjoy a coffee or dessert at Art Café. For the current exhibition visit the website where you will find guided tours and an accompanying program.

Do you think that the exhibition attracted more women to visit? Let´s say that also man can visit their expositions. Gentlemen and technicians will definitely enjoy stay at the Technical Museum with an exhibition of veterans, motorcycles, including a new tram pavilion. Who understands the technology, can easily cope with an interactive tour of the modern Birthplace F. Porsche. Who likes the sound of a racing engine should drive Go-karts in Liberec - so much adrenaline and fun together, you certainly have never experienced.

Are we little active? Let´s get move in the rainy weather and have some sports afternoon. There is a climbing wall Šutr in the city center where you can rent the necessary equipment and try bouldering. You can then enjoy the deserved beer in the local restaurant and watch the other mountaineers.

Those who are afraid of the heights should visit Sport Park Liberec. Such a concentration of sports would rarely be found! You can play team sports such as volleyball, floorball or badminton and ricochet. If you are not on these team games, go to public ice-skating. When you like to compete, but the move is not exactly your favourite activity, the bowling is the right choice, it's great relaxation.

For those of you who like to practice your brain, we have the article "Train your brain”. There you read where to go besides iQLANDIA. So have a look and maybe you'll find some new Liberec escape rooms.

Our list of tips ends but you certainly continue exploring other experiences from Liberec.

At last you're glad it's raining, right?