Playful trips for children - through the city and nature

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Created:23.3.2018 | Modified:6.5.2022

... are not sometimes easy. ´When will we be there?´ is the most often asked question. Do not worry, we can recommend you some walks where your children have fun during the accomplishing tasks.

A walk through the town with younger children

For your little ones we have prepared the game “The Quest of the Knight of Liberec Roland” in the city centre. Poor City Hall knight has lost his armour and it's up to you to help him find it. Pick up the playing card in the information centre and start looking, the knight could not guard the city naked. The game begins and ends in front of the City Hall and presents you the most important sights and places of interest. All successful solvers can get a small reward for their efforts in our information centre!

A walk through the city with older children

Families with older children should go out and solve The first Liberec quest (Liberecká hledačka) - a quest starts behind the zoo and takes you to the most beautiful Liberec part called Old Town (Staré Město). In addition to playing cards, you will also need your good sight (you can take with you also binoculars) and observation talent. It is not in vain that the seeker is called: "Without mobile, without e-mail, I pay attention to the detail."

Trip on Ještěd ridge

If you do not want to go through the city, you can go out into the nature – Ještěd ridge (Ještědský hřeben), where is a wonderful educational and experience trail "Playful travel through Ještěd forest". The trail starts at Výpřež and ends in Liberec Ostašov, it is about 3 kilometers long, but it leads comfortably downhill. On the way, you can look forward to plenty of paintings and variety of wooden toys to learn about the life of the forest.

Trip through the Jizera Mountains

Of course, with our tips we cannot miss the popular Jizera Mountains. Here, families will definitely enjoy the "Ant path" (Mravenčí stezka), which starts near the central car park in Bedřichov. You will find out what the local animals like to eat, where they are hiding, but also the curiosities of their life, for example, when you meet them in the woods how to watch out. And as a nice bonus you will find Královka lookout tower at the end of the trail with an excellent cuisine and a great children's playground.

If you have a nice walk and still want to play sports, then we have written for you our next tips for great sports for children.