Great sports grounds (not only) for children

Looking after children, it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s like watching a bunch of fleas. Check out where your kids can play in Liberec to make fun, jump and give you a decent rest at home.


An interesting experience for them will certainly be a visit to the Šutr climbing arena. Here you can borrow equipment for small climbers for a fee, then simply attach the daredevil to the winch itself, and then you can calmly watch the challenging output of your child up. Small climbers can also train their skills on the local bouldering wall or slackline.


If your kids are even smaller and you do not dare to take them climb, go to the trampoline hall at the train station. In addition to the giant trampolines, there are also coasters, circles, vaulting boxes and other exercise accessories, so children can be thoroughly excited. But before you go out on trampolines, check out the web for which terms are currently available to the public.


In the winter, it would be almost a sin not to take advantage of the downhill skiing possibilities. Ještěd Ski Resort is very close to the last tram station. For beginners there is a Maxiland for kids. More experienced children usually ride the blue slopes of Bucharka or Nové Pláně. Families with children also often go to other popular sports grounds on the slopes of the Ještěd ridge – Všesportovní areál Obří sud Javorník. Here is a beautifully long and comfortably wide blue ski slope with a four-seater chairlift and Javorníček children's ski school with a handle tow lift for the smallest. If you do not want too much skiing and prefer other winter sports, go with the children to the Svijany Arena (Sport Park Liberec). Several times a week you can work out your skateboarding skills for the winter season.


As soon as the spring comes and then the summer, do not wait and replace the winter skates to in-line skates and get rolling. Instead of having to worry about your kids, no matter how many wheels (in-line, scooters, bikes), we recommend a cycle path along Nisa. So you can avoid traffic with your children and visit the EKOPark or watch horses. You can also train your body in the free Vesec Recreation and Sports Complex. Asphalt circuits with varying degrees of difficulty are made for running, bikes or in-line skates, and the local discgolf playground is great.

Where now? Maybe on a trip. Take your children on the recommended routes around the city or nature ...