Transportation in Liberec

Ski buses – the Jizera Mountains – winter 2017/2018

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Created:20.11.2014 | Modified:20.12.2022

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You can get to the main resorts in the Jizera Mountains for a reasonable price. Take advantage of the ski-bus services.

The SKI BUS from Jablonec nad Nisou via Bedřichov and Severák (Hrabětice) to Tanvaldský Špičák

Route: Jablonec nad Nisou (Pražská) → Bedřichov → Hrabětice → Maxov → Josefův Důl → Albrechtice v Jizerských horách (Tanvaldský Špičák)
Timetable no. 539001 (BusLine) is available here
Get JizerkyCARD B to free transport.

SKI-BUS no. 121 – Jablonec n. N. – Hrabětice – Bedřichov

Weekend and holiday bus number 121 will take you from Jablonec nad Nisou to a number of skiing centres and entrance points to the Jizera Mountains Arterial cross Country Skiing Network. 
Public transport timetable no. 121 is available here.

The SKI-BUS from Liberec to Bedřichov

Route: Liberec (bus station) → Šaldovo nám. → Česká chalupa → Maliník → Bedřichov (some connections continue to Janov nad Nisou). 
Timetable no. 540145 is available here.

The extension of public transport route no. 18 from Liberec to Bedřichov 

The Liberec public transport company has extended route no. 18 from Rudolfov to the turn at the ski resort where it is possible to change to public transport route no. 101 to/from Janov and Jablonec nad Nisou (or Rychnov u Jablonce nad Nisou).
Route: Liberec → Liberec Kateřinky → Rudolfov → Bedřichov.
Public transport timetable no. 545018 is available here.

By train to Tanvaldský Špičák

You can get from Liberec to the Tanvaldský Špičák station by passenger train with a change of trains in Smržovka in just 50 minutes. The entry to the chairlift is then just 500 m from the Tanvaldský Špičák train station. 
Route: Liberec → Smržovka → Tanvaldský Špičák → Josefův Důl and back.
Timetable no. 034 is available here.

The SKI-BUS from Tanvald via Souš to Kořenov and Vysoké nad Jizerou

Route: Tanvald → Desná → Desná Souš → Kořenov → Rejdice → Paseky nad Jizerou → Vysoké nad Jizerou.
Timetable no. 530747 is available here.

The SKI-BUS from the Harrachov railway station via the town to Harrachov, Rýžoviště

The ski-bus provides a connection between the railway station and Rýžoviště via the town. 
Timetable no. 670943 is available here.

The SKI-BUS from Frýdlant to Smědava

The ski-bus transports cross-country skiers to Smědava.
Timetable no. 540650 is available here.

You can use this ski-bus to connect from the Frýdlant Promontory to other train connections from Liberec (timetable here) or from Jindřichovice pod Smrkem (timetable here).
Another link in the Frýdlant Promontory from Raspenava to Bílý Potok is available here.