Liberec Zoo is breeding Lau banded iguanas!

The Liberec Zoo has expanded its collection of farmed animals with rare and endangered Lau banded iguanas. 

A pair of tropical lizards arrived at the zoo under Ještěd on Monday, October 17, 2022, and found a new home in the tropics pavilion. This is the first time in its history that it breeds this species for the Liberec garden.
This lizard is found in the wild on the Lau Islands in the Fiji island in the Pacific Ocean.

It can be seen on the Tonga islands also, where it was artificially introduced by man approximately 300 years ago.

It mainly inhabits tropical lowland forests on the coast and wetlands in its homeland. It spends a significant part of the day on the branches of trees, where it searches for food, especially flowers, leaves or fruits.
In Czech zoos, the Lau banded iguana is relatively rare.

Visitors can see him in the zoos in Jihlava, Plzeň and Liberec only.

Leguáni v Zoo Liberec

Leguáni v Zoo Liberec