The hot summer is here, come and cool off

When the heat wave strikes, you can always freshen up at the Forest Swimming Pool in the forests of the Jizera Mountains. You’ll find it 1 kilometre from the zoo, it’s free to enter and you’ll find the water refreshingly cool. It’s run down from the mountains, after all!


However, if you prefer a touch of civilisation over harsh nature, you can enjoy the water at Liberec Pool. The 50-metre pool there will really give you a workout (there’s also a 25m training pool and a 12m children’s pool). You can then revel in a well-deserved saltwater or freshwater whirlpool bath.


Or immerse yourself “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” in a world styled after the stories of Jules Verne, as that’s exactly how you’ll feel in the Centrum Babylon Aquapark. We’d like to say that you can find much, much more like this in Liberec. However, we’ve decided to leave any further exploration to you. Come and see for yourself.