Easter closure of trams

Tram lines No. 2 and No. 3 along their entire length (Lidové sady – Horní Hanychov) have since Thursday 6.4. from 20:00 until Tuesday 10.4.2023 (till 02:00) closure. The current timetable applies, transport will be replaced by articulated buses X2, X3.

Tram lines No. 5 and No. 11 (Vratislavice and Jablonec) will terminate at the Fügnerova stop on the specified date. The departure from Liberec to Vratislavice and Jablonec will be from the Fügnerova st. turnoff (site no. 11). The section Fügnerova – Viadukt will not be served by these trams during the closure.