Baby Season in DinoPark

This season of offspring in DinoPark Liberec will convince you that dinosaur babies are beautiful and charming. You are awaited by tiny T-Rexes, playful Allosauruses, a Triceratops family and other young ones.

Indoor theme DinoPark you find on three floors of the Plaza Liberec shopping centre. You can see a unique view of the evolution of the planet Earth from the Big Bang through the reign of the dinosaurs up to the present day. You can expect mesozoic primeval forest with a real storm and real rain, a trail for brave children called DinoTrek, paleontological playground for children and DinoLaser which is to examine your reflexes and nimbleness… All this and much more along with dozens of Mesozoic rulers of our planet is waiting for you in an attractive area near the centre of Liberec all year long. Parking for DinoPark visitors is free of charge.