Sexmission returns

Expozice Sexmisie Popular Sexmission exhibition in iQlandia Science Center returns to its place of birth. Come and explore the areas that everyone knows but is also still discovering.
Sexmission gives you a highly illustrative, fun and above all sensitive response to all questions about sexual life.

From the central space – the “mother’s womb,” which serves as a relaxation zone and where you hear the mother’s heartbeat, you will gradually enter the interconnected sections ME, US, THEM and TABOO, full of modern interactive exhibits, incredible projections and interesting graphics.

The exhibition was prepared in collaboration with sexologists and child psychologists and is the first of its kind in all of Europe.

For visitors who have already been to this exhibition, but not only for them, iQlandia has prepared six new exhibits including the Pregnancy Simulation and Breast Examination.

All instructions are in English, German, Polish, and Czech.

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