Take a look around Liberec from a greater height

Ever seen Liberec from on high? From a tower? If not, then you should definitely accept our invitation to a walk like this through our city. You’ll see a lot more from above, so don’t be afraid to take a high-minded yet light-hearted look at life!

Rozhledny a vyhlídky
The Jizera Mountains has the most lookout towers in Bohemia, but you can still get a fine view of the surrounding area right here in Liberec, which is so nicely adjacent to the Jizeras. You can get a unique view of the city from Liberec’s skyscraper – home to Liberec Regional Authority. You can get to the viewpoint on the 17th floor by taking a paternoster, i.e. a “looping lift”, which, at almost 60 metres high, is the highest in the Czech Republic and outstrips most others in Europe.


In the summer holidays you can also enjoy a lovely view from the Town Hall tower, which you have to get to the top of by yourself, albeit with a guide, who will point out plenty of interesting things along the way. What’s more, on a walk through the corridors of the Town Hall you can admire some colourful stained glass windows, ceiling paintings and lavish interior decorations, and if you enter the ceremonial hall, you’ll find yourself in a room where good triumphs over evil as in the fairy tales.


You can enjoy a charming vista of the most beautiful part of Liberec from the museum terrace. The North Bohemian Museum itself is certainly worth a visit. Its themed collections on the “Beauty and Utility” of European art, the nature of the Jizera Mountains in the exhibition entitled “Touches of the North”, and the city’s tumultuous history in “Liberec Fragments”.


At the neighbouring zoo you can get high up in the tower of the Lidové sady cultural centre, which is still a popular landmark in this part of the city, despite having recently celebrated an impressive 120th anniversary.


Along with these five viewpoints, a kilometre further on you can find the popular Liberec Heights restaurant, in the style of a mediaeval castle, the interior of which recently underwent extensive refurbishment. This building intentionally gives a misleading impression. It looks old-fashioned, yet it dates back to just the start of the 20th century and its cuisine, which is extremely modern, will delight your taste buds.