Botanical rarity: The hundred years old “Black Boy” is blooming!

The Liberec Botanic Garden has been growing the gray tree (Xanthorrhoea) for over 20 years. Originally from Australia. Now it’s blooming here for the third time. That’s a truly unique event at least in European conditions. 

Grass tree can grow up to 300 years in the wild. The Liberec specimen is more than a hundred years old. It came to Europe at the end of the 20th century from Australia, where it had to vacate its place during the construction of a highway.

Grass trees bloom after fires, when their stems are blackened by the heat, in their homeland. His popular nickname “Black Boy” is also derived from this. The Czech name is a translation of the original name, because the plant oozes yellow resin when injured. It is also often called tree grass, which simply describes the appearance of the plant.