The beast pavilion in the Liberec Zoo has new interiors and inhabitants

Tarantula, scorpion, scolopendra, tailless whip scorpion and etruscan shrew. These are the new inhabitants of the renovated beast pavilion.

The visitor part of the beast pavilion underwent a significant visual change at the beginning of the year. It offers visitors altered views of the inner quarters of farmed animals and at the same time introduces animal species that have not yet been farmed in Zoo Liberec. The pavilion is also inhabited by the orange baboon tarantula, the emperor scorpion, the scolopendra, the tailless whip scorpion and the smallest etruscan shrew in addition to the original Barbary lions and the white tiger. Their expositions became part of the presentation of African predators using variously developed senses and unique hunting strategies to hunt their prey, which the entire pavilion is newly dedicated to.

Zoo Liberec - interiér pavilonu šelem

Zoo Liberec – interiér pavilonu šelem

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