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The museum almost opens

An open day in the North Bohemian Museum Liberec, which is currently in reconstructionCome on Saturday September 26th to see what the museum interiors look like after the reconstruction and how new exhibitions are installed, see the restorers at work or enjoy the unique view from the extremely accessible museum tower. Free admission! Online visit […]

plastika sublimace

Glass sculpture in front of the City Hall

Next to the City Hall there is a new SUBLIM sculpture made of glass and iron from the studio of the artist Jiří Pačinek.Pačinek Glass work will decorate the square in Liberec throughout the year and at the same time it will become an invitation to the Crystal Valley. The main theme of the sculpture, […]


Fun Park

A new Fun Park in the middle of the city of Liberec, where you will immerse yourself in the world of interactive entertainment on more than twenty fun exhibits.You will experience virtual reality, experience the flight of a bird, feel the power of your thoughts, undergo a brain duel, play with a robot, program a […]