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Liberecká trička

New in the info center

Come for a new Liberec t-shirt! We have three colors for you – black, red and white in women’s sizes S, M, L, XL and men’s sizes M, L, XL and XXL. The selling price is 270 CZK.  


Spring shutdown of the Ještěd hotel and restaurant

A big spring cleaning, a few small repairs and innovations are taking place on March 18-21, 2024, during which the hotel and restaurant are closed on Ještěd. Personnel are happy to serve you in the BISTRO on the promenade with fresh delicacies, drinks and excellent coffee every day. The bistro is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., even longer in good weather. From Friday, March 22, 2024, the Ještěd hotel will be open for you again, as you are used to.


Go in the Museum to the exhibition: beyond animation

The exhibition, which was prepared for the North Bohemian Museum by the International Festival of Animated Films “Anifilm”, focuses on the frontier cinematographic form, moving between film and theater. Films in which water puppets play a key role appear in our country from the first films with Spejbl and Hurvínek through the seminal works of Jan Švankmajer to the present day. It is the success of films like Kuky se vrací or Malý pán in recent decades that show that it is still a living phenomenon. The exhibition of water puppets in Czech film maps this topic for the very first time.


iQlandia expanded the “Man” exhibition with artificial intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence wall was newly created as part of the existing Human in Liberec Science Center iQLANDIA exhibition. Consisting of four exhibits, this mini-exposition presents not only advanced technologies, but also the principles and applications of artificial intelligence in the real world. The goal of the AI Mini-Expo is for visitors to understand the essence of artificial intelligence, the principles of its operation, and to familiarize themselves with its current possibilities and limitations through interactive exhibits and accompanying graphic materials. As part of the new mini-exhibition, iQLANDIE

Oblastní galerie Liberec

Regional galleries cancel entrance fees to their permanent exhibitions

From March 8, 2024, you can familiarize yourself with the rich art collections of the Regional Gallery for free, which will become more accessible to everyone, following the example of foreign museums. This year, the gallery is celebrating its tenth anniversary in the renovated building of the former city spa. For this anniversary, it is preparing a varied exhibition and accompanying program for June 2024, including several novelties for visitors. One of the most obvious will be the change in entrance fees. Entrance to the gallery’s permanent exhibitions will be free for visitors from March

Skiareál Ještěd

Ski area Ještěd starts pre-sale of summer passes!

The Ještěd Ski Resort plans to start summer operations already on Friday, March 29, before Easter. As of March 5th, however, it has been launching a special online pre-sale of discounted summer season passes for the cable car, so-called WALK & BIKE season tickets, both for hikers and bikers and cyclists. Until the end of March, pedestrians can buy them from 330 crowns and cyclists from 990 crowns. They can use the season ticket unlimitedly from spring to autumn.