Uneasy of the Crowd in gallery

The first vernissage in the Regional Gallery Liberec in the year 2019 is here!


Jan Měřička: Uneasy of the Crowd

The exhibition of large-scale prints (mostly serigraphies) and author’s books by one of the best contemporary Czech graphic artists. The title Uneasy of the Crowd is fitting for the theme that the artist has for long been exploring. Without emotions and using a very original technique, he studies the movement of crowds. Whether he chooses moments from family life, global current affairs or possibly trivial scenes of crowds getting on and off the tube, or crowds of people in shopping centers, he always depicts the hopelessness of human behaviour. His prints with conceptual overlaps are among the best works created in the Czech Republic in the graphic arts.

Jan Měřička: Neklid davu



2051: Algorithm. Šárka Koudelová and Ondřej Basjuk

Cubric’s cult film from 2001, A Space Odyssey, was used as a kind of algorithm for the conceptual and visual “calculation“ of the exhibition, summarizing a number of metaphors and factual gallery conditions. The falsehood that is caused by the accelerating development of artificial intelligence that constantly bombards us with information, is not used by the artists as a pejorative motif, but opens the issue of a falsehood as an absolute interpretation of illusion, as it was treated, for example, during the Renaissance. In this exhibition the artists work with various media – painting, drawing, installation, object art and projection.

 2051: Algorithm. Šárka Koudelová a Ondřej Basjuk


In addition to these temporary exhibitions, you can also admire permanent exhibitions in the gallery – the originally private paintings collection of Heinrich Liebieg (French landscape painting, 19th century German and Austrian painting). Other expositions capture Czech art from the 16th century to the present, Dutch paintings of the 16-18th century and interactive exposition.


Come and see not only precious collections of arts but also the revitalized building of the former spa which now serves for exhibition purposes.