Crystal Trail in iQLANDIA

A new interactive game in exhibitions, reveals the world of glass and its use. Walk the Crystal Trail and light up iQLANDIA.

iQLANDIA has prepared a Crystal Trail for you, which will draw you into the world of glass, in cooperation with Preciosa. It shows how glass is made and what it is used for. Did you know that glass has its own DNA? Come take a look and you will find out not only that, but also much more.
The Crystal Trail will accompany you through the entire tour of iQLANDIA at seven locations:

  • Glass and sea in the Geolab exhibition
  • Glass DNA in GEO exposure
  • Glass and elements in the exhibition Elements
  • Glass and science in the TULaboratory exposition
  • Optical cabinet in the TULaboratory exposition
  • Color does not exist in the Senses exposition
  • Molecules and crystal spiral view

The last stop will take you on a spiral to the 4th floor, where you can turn on iQLANDIA yourself using a QR code.


Text and photo: iQLANDIA Liberec