Pieces of Liberec history

The North Bohemian Museum is finally open to the public again after more than three years, after Tuesday, May 4. And it has a lot of news ready for you – in addition to new exhibitions, for example, opening hours (daily except Mondays from 10 am to 7 pm) or voluntary admission.

Have you seen “Liberec Fragments“?

You will find many objects from our region with interesting stories in the new historical exhibition Liberec Fragments.

The exhibition presents the history of the city of Liberec. The introductory chapter is entitled The Birth of the City, where the main topic is the development of crafts, the acquisition of the City Rights and life against the background of epidemics and wars. This is followed by the turbulent 19th century, named From a Town to the Metropolis of the North, in which the central motifs are the progress and growing self-confidence of the city. This chapter is supplemented by a small section devoted mainly to production in the 20th century. One special section is entitled the Wild North, where exhibits from World War I, the Museum of Nazi Barbarism and iconic items from 1968, whose worth is that of relics, are exhibited.

And this is only a small part of the rich museum collections of course.

Visit the North Bohemian Museum and see for yourself!