Touches of the North in the North Bohemian Museum

Be among the first to see the complete natural history exhibition “Touches of the North” in the North Bohemian Museum! Come and see the dioramas depicting a rock massif, a riverbed, a mountain meadow or a mudflat!

Severočeské muzeum - Doteky severu

Severočeské muzeum – Doteky severu

TOUCHES OF THE NORTH: Through the nature of the Jizera Mountains and the Frýdlant region

The exhibition presents the most significant natural phenomena of the Czech north through dioramas. The exhibition areas are complemented by several interactive installations, which can be used in a playful way to obtain additional information on the relevant topic or to enjoy the atmosphere of the animal world with the use of other senses like hearing, touch and smell.

Text and photo: Severočeské muzeum v Liberci