The children’s playground is looking forward to its visitors!

The children’s playground in Lidové sady has been open since 20 April.

Do you know this large playground for small children, on which several generations of Liberians have grown up? In addition to the water trough with fountains, you will find a mini-Russian bicycle, a large sandpit, swings, slides, mazes, scooters and a sensational train with a tunnel also, so in nice weather you can playfully spend the whole day here with your children.

In case of good weather you can visit the Children’s playground daily:
April, May: 9 am-6pm
June-August: 9 am-7pm
September, October: 9 am-6pm

Current information on operation on tel: +420 777 014 031

Dětský koutek v Lidových sadech

Dětský koutek v Lidových sadech