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Tasmania in the center of Liberec

New children’s entertainment world in OC Plaza Liberec! Colorful attractions, climbing frames, slides and various game elements invite children to the playful world of Tasmania. The local café offers great coffee, cakes, something small for children and much more. Open daily: 9:00 am to 8:00 pm

F. Porsche’s birthplace exhibits a car of the year 1924!

The AUSTRO-DAIMLER ADM II car from 1924 is currently on display in the Ferdinand Porsche Birthplace exhibition. This open faeton, with its name, refers not only to the light four-door carriages of the same name pulled by horses. It takes us back to Greek mythology, because Faethon was the son of the sun god Helium. […]

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Unique catenary towing tower in the Technical Museum

The catenary towing tower on the JED freight car from 1899 can be seen in the public transport exhibition in the Technical Museum Liberec A truly unique, catenary towing tower built on the basis of a wagon from 1899, which was recently renovated by members of the Boveraclub association to a form corresponding to the […]

Bikepark Ještěd

Ještěd Bikepark opens the La Spaghetta trail

“La Spaghetta” Ještěd Bike Park has been open since Friday, May 6! “La Spaghetta” is a freeride trail combining clay and wooden obstacles, the difficulty is medium. The Skalka chairlift runs in May from Friday to Sunday: Timetable: 9:05 / 9:35 / 10: 05 / 10:35 / 11:05 / 11:35 / lunch break / 12:35 […]