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Aquapark v Centru Babylon

The Aquapark is closed from 4 to 17 September

Dear visitors of the Babylon Center. Aquapark and Wellness center are temporarily closed, due to a technical revision in termin 4. -17. September. Thank you for your understanding!  Other centers will go full speed according to normal opening hours! You can go to the Funpark, Lunapark, 4D cinema or iQPARK with your children.

Crystal Valley Week

Crystal Valley Week 2023

At the end of the holiday season (2023, 28/8-2/9), Liberec residents and visitors can look forward to a large glass festival with glass installations in the city centre, exhibitions and live production.  You can find the detailed program of the festival here and also on the website so you don’t miss anything and can enjoy Crystal Valley Week 2023!

Technické muzeum Liberec

World unique in the Technical Museum

A new exhibit – RAF veteran 18/22 – will take pride of place in Pavilion A of the Technical Museum from 7/12/2023. This grandfather car is the only surviving model in the world! Only around 10 cars (of various models) have survived worldwide From the Liberec factory Reichenberger Automobil-Fabrik Ges. m. b. H. Böhmen. The RAF 18/22 is a car on the original chassis with a modern aftermarket bodywork based on the FW25 light commercial vehicle. This car recalls the rich history of the automobile industry in Liberec and is on loan for the summer months by the National Technical Museum in


The Liberec ZOO has a new pavilion for parrots kea!

The Liberec ZOO has a new pavilion for New Zealand parrots kea! The Liberec ZOO has been keeping keas since 2008 and is one of the worlds few ZOOs where these very intelligent parrots have been successfully bred for a long time. That is one of the reasons the ZOO decided to build a separate pavilion for them, thanks to which the keas gained better breeding conditions.