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Klokanka v botance

Kangaroo paws in the botanical garden

Pavilion C in the Liberec Botanical Garden is decorated these days with a flood of red flowers of the Australian endemic, nicknamed Kangaroo paws in our country. The reason for this nickname is clear. The flowers of the Anigozanthos plant are said to resemble kangaroo paws. The genus Anigozanthos has only 11 species, and you can see three of them in the Liberec Botanical Garden. The red earth, granite rock blocks and thin growth of Australian vegetation are the very pride of the Botanical Gardens of Liberec. The conditions created for the successful growth of Australian vegetation is highly demanding, and

Pelikáni - Zoo Liberec

Pelicans on Swan Lake

A fourteen-member flock of great white pelicans spent a total of 5 months in winter at the Liberec Zoo, and now you can see them again at the Swan Lake at the zoo. After opening the door of the transport truck, they all jumped out and ran towards the lake. They will stay there again until the first winter frosts.

Rodný dům Ferdinanda Porscheho

New Porsche in the birthplace of the famous designer

The exhibition of the Birthplace of Ferdinand Porsche in Liberec-Vratislavice nad Nisou has been enriched by a new exhibit since March 28: the plug-in hybrid sports car Porsche 918 Spyder from 2015. The 918 Spyder was designed, developed and manufactured by Porsche racing car designers in collaboration with series production specialists. The car will be displayed in the birthplace exhibition until March 2025.

Motýlí dům

New Papilonia Liberec Butterfly House

From April 5th, a new butterfly house will open for you in OC Forum! Set out on an expedition to the jungle, where you will make a surprising discovery… Papilonia Liberec will take you on an adventure to the heart of the jungle, where a crashed plane rests as an uninvited guest among the hundreds of fluttering butterflies, lending this Butterfly House an unrepeatable atmosphere. Part of the exhibit is a photo booth, allowing you to take a picture with a butterfly on a snow-white backdrop.

Zapůjčená tramvaj

The borrowed historical tram will go to the streets of Liberec

For one year, Liberec has a historic tram set on loan from the corporate museum of the Prague Public Transport Company For one year. The transport company considers the rented sets and will try to use the trams for as many public events as possible throughout the year. The historic set always goes on the tram line on public holidays for traditional holiday rides. During the summer holidays, it will be presented every Saturday with holiday rides for locals and visitors to the city and its surroundings, these rides will be organized by the Boveraclub with the support of the Liberec Region. The transport company