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Touches of the North in the North Bohemian Museum

Be among the first to see the complete natural history exhibition “Touches of the North” in the North Bohemian Museum! Come and see the dioramas depicting a rock massif, a riverbed, a mountain meadow or a mudflat! TOUCHES OF THE NORTH: Through the nature of the Jizera Mountains and the Frýdlant regionThe exhibition presents the […]
Severočeské muzeum - Doteky severu

Šperk z Křišťálového údolí

Crystal Valley in the theater

A unique combination of the fragile beauty of North Bohemian jewellery and theatrical art – this is what the theater offers its spectators as part of the Crystal Valley project at the F. X. Šalda Theater. Jewellery admired by the whole world and worn by the British royal family will be on display at the […]

Sexmission in iQLANDIA says goodbye

Until the end of September, you can visit Sexmission – a unique exhibition in iQLANDIA, the first of its kind in Europe. The exhibition was prepared in cooperation with sexologists and child psychologists.  As part of the Night of Scientists on September 24, you have FREE entry to iQLANDIA (after registration), so come and see […]
Sexmisie v iQLANDII

Liberecký pivní festival

Festival week

The last whole week before the end of the holidays is full of special events. Come and have fun on the square in front of Liberec City Hall:   Wednesday, August 25, from 8:00 p.m. UNLOCKING THE 138TH SEASON WITH THE F. X. ŠALDA THEATER We invite you to the grand opening of the 138th […]

Rare young in the zoo

In the Liberec Zoo, baby Somali Wild Ass and Maneless Zebra were born – one of the most endangered animals on our planet! Other additions that were also born in the Liberec Zoo during the summer are two female East Caucasian Tur and two fresh Nyala babies – male and female. All babies of these ungulates […]
Zebra bezhřívá


I already know why in iQPARK

Last spring, they opened a new exhibition “I already know why” for you in iQpark. Unfortunately, due to anti-pandemic measures, the exhibition had to be closed again shortly afterwards. Maybe you didn’t even have a chance to notice this beautiful new exhibition. Now that iQpark is open again, the exhibition wants to show you in […]