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Playful Liberec is packed with smart fun for families with children

Where to take the children in the holidays? To Liberec, of course! And come and stay for a longer time! We have so many fun activities for you that just a couple of days won’t be enough.   ZOOLOGICAL GARDEN Liberec Zoo is the oldest in Bohemia! Although it is one of the smaller ones, meaning you can take everything in during a couple of hours, it’s still a highly acclaimed zoo for its success in breeding endangered species. It boasts an extraordinary collection of mountain ungulates and birds of prey, for instance.   BOTANICAL GARDENS The greenhouses of Liberec Botanical Gardens send

Aquapark Babylon

Steampunk in Centrum Babylon

The Babylon Center in Liberec boasts a new addition to the steampunk decoration of its premises. Faust’s house is finished and you can see its fantastic design right next to the Lunapark entrance.   The local Aquapark, where you will find a great panoramic painting named “The Happy Way”, is also richly decorated with Steampunk style design. Visit the world of an airship, a squid, a large lighthouse with a wind farm, and other interesting features typical of this marvelous artistic style.   In the Babylon Center you can find exept Aquapark and Lunapark also for example iQpark,