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Castles in the winter season

Would  you  like  to  visit  some  historical  buildings  during  your  stay  in  Liberec?  Let´s  have  a  look  on  our  list  of  castles  with  their  program  and  offer.  Tours  and  accompanying  events  are  only  in  the  Czech  language.   SYCHROV  CHATEAU EVENTS:Fairytale  tours  at  Sychrov  Chateau:  Princess  and  robber24.-25.11.2018,  always  at  10,  11,  13,  14  and  […]


IN THE CITY CENTRE City center parking (incl. streets) is paid (parking ticket machines), there are some smaller car parks run by private operators also (20 – 30 CZK per hour). We recommend using a large capacity car parks : Library Centrum Babylon Shopping mall Forum (150 minutes free of charge, weekends free all day) […]

Areál Vesec

Vesec Sport Facility invite you to visit

From April 1, 2018, a buffet is open in the main building of Vesec Sport Facility. Sheltered workshop Tulipan, which is newly operating in the buffet, will ensure a full refurbishment of the complex in the form of refreshments, incl. toilets and sports equipment rental. Visitors have the opportunity to take advantage of these services […]

New art in the Liberec city

Meteorite in front of town hallThe square in front of the Liberec Town Hall is decorated with a new sculpture. It is located on the right side of the town hall and bears the name „Meteorit“. The author is Petr Zubek. The unveiling ceremony took place on June 24 and the statue will remain on […]
Art Week a Objekt Liberec

New map for families

Tips for Trips with children in Liberec and Jablonec nad Nisou, selected and recommended directly from their residents. New map „Direction Liberec Jablonec“  is available now free of charge in English and Czech in information centers of both cities. Nearly four hundred local inhabitants were involved in its preparation. We managed to make a unique […]