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Castles in the winter season

Would  you  like  to  visit  some  historical  buildings  during  your  stay  in  Liberec?  Let´s  have  a  look  on  our  list  of  castles  with  their  program  and  offer.  Tours  and  accompanying  events  are  only  in  the  Czech  language.   SYCHROV  CHATEAU EVENTS:Fairytale  tours  at  Sychrov  Chateau:  Princess  and  robber24.-25.11.2018,  always  at  10,  11,  13,  14  and  […]


City Information Centre Liberec offers Tickets You can purchase: Theatre-Tickets, Skipasses Jested (Autumm Pre-Sale) or other Tickets for Events (Cards accepted for value 100 CZK or higher, cash in CZK only).   These ticketing system you can book online and later get by the City Information Centre Liberec: E-vstupenka (F. X. Šalda Theatre, Lidové sady Cultural Centre, […]



Are you wondering which time is good for visiting Liberec? We can help you with our TOP 2018 overview of events. Choose from them, come to Liberec and enjoy every day of your stay!     10.-12.5: MAJÁLES, three days full of fun, music and dance Venue:  nám. Dr. E. Beneše and other places in […]