Art and skis

Regional Gallery prepared for its visitors 3 new exhibitions. And really is what to look forward to.


SkolSkol!!! Jizerská 50´ race as artistic inspiration

1 race, 1 exhibition, 12 artists, 50 kilometers

A unique exhibition project, Skol!!!, was created in 2016-2017, with the aim of presenting the legendary Jizerská 50 race through the work of leading Czech artists on the occasion of its fiftieth year. Altogether, they have created over fifty various works, including paintings, prints, drawings and sculptures. This collection is exceptional not only in Czech art, but we are not likely to find its equivalent on the international level, either. Each artist brings a different concept. The exhibition confirms that great art has a rare ability to make visible things and phenomena that are otherwise hidden from us, and also that sports may be a great inspiration for artists.







Midasův dotykMidasův dotyk

In Greek mythology, Midas was the king whose touch turned everything to gold. This exhibition of contemporary art was prepared by the curator Viktor Čech, and will introduce, for example, Natália Trejbalová (Italy), Milan Mazúr, Zuzana Žabková (Slovakia), Andrea Mikysová and Ivana Pavlíčková (the Czech Republic).









Hrůzy válkyHrůzy války

The year 2018 will be dedicated to celebrations of the foundation of the Czechoslovak Republic one hundred years ago. However, this exhibition looks deeper into history and recollects a historical event of equal importance that affected the whole of Europe – the Thirty Years’ War.