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Astronomical Bird Clock

Every hour six birds sing in the Liberec Zoo!  The Liberec Zoo has prepared a new attraction for visitors – astronomical bird clock. It is located in the oldest building in the zoo area, in the pastry shop U čápa at the lower part of the zoo. This new attraction was introduced to visitors for […]
Ptačí orloj Zoo Liberec

Dinopark Liberec

Dinosaurs in Liberec never sleep!

While outdoor dinoparks in Plzeň, Vyškov or Ostrava end the season in October, their exhibits will „lie down to winter sleep“ and the first visitors will welcome again in spring, DinoPark Plaza Liberec never sleeps! Indoor theme DinoPark you find on three floors of the Plaza Liberec shopping centre. You can see a unique view […]

Trams in museum – new exposition

The Technical Museum of Liberec, in cooperation with Boveraclub, will open a new exhibition in Pavilion C on Saturday, October 27th! The pavilion is dedicated to public transport, especially to the Liberec region. Enthusiasts for trams and buses will find exposition dedicated to transport and its history. Come to see the new pavilion but also other […]
Technické muzeum Liberec

Rys karpatský

Zoo Liberec live!

Take a look at the Liberec Zoo. When you cannot visit the zoo you can still know what’s new. The Liberec Zoo and Jablotron provide live broadcasts from animals´ runs. Currently, you can watch the Carpathian lynx (Lynx lynx carpaticus) and the Chapman’s zebra (Equus quagga chapmanni) and Blesbock (Damaliscus pygargus phillipsi) range. The location of the […]

Pjena v Liberci

Pjena v Liberci

Jan Novotný: Pjena v Liberci 13/10-25/11/2018 The Jan Novotný‘s exhibition in Liberec is the first exhibition in the Malá výstavní síň of the cycle „Forgotten of the Famous Liberec People“. His artistic work combines craftsmanship with artistic abbreviation, exaggeration, joke, provocation and art installation, on the contrary, playful scenographic solutions. Jan Novotný has created a number […]