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About dogs and trains in the Naive Theatre

The Naive Theatre Liberec prepared a new plays for its youngest audience: CHOO, CHOO, WOOF Vít Peřina a kolektivDirected by: Michaela Homolová Premiere: March 16, 2019, 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. A big railway will gradually be built on the specially-adapted stage before the audience´s very eyes, accompanied by the story of a little dog […]
O pejscích a vlacích

Gallasové a Clam-Gallasové

The Year of the Gallas and Clam-Gallas House

Gallas and Clam-Gallas – The Nobility of Northern Bohemia The Year of the Gallas and Clam-Gallas House will begin in March 2019 in the Nostic Palace. The main facilities managed by the National Heritage Institute will be the Frýdlant Castle and Chateau, Grabštejn Castle and Lemberk Chateau; the events will run throughout the season, including […]

Demons and Troubles in theatre

Liberec theatres prepared for you two premieres in February. You can look forward to „Demons“ at the F. X. Šalda´s Theatre and „Our Collected Troubles“ at the Small Theatre (Malé divadlo). DEMONSF. M. Dostoyevsky, D. GombarDirected by: Dodo GombárTHE ŠALDA THEATRE Premiere:  February 1, 2019 Gombár´s  performance is not only based on classical drama, but he […]
Divadlo F. X. Šaldy


Liberec walks

The City Information Centre Liberec has prepared for you walks along the Liberec districts, which will introduce you unusual places, remarkable buildings and interesting information about them. You can pick the maps up for free in the City Information Centre or download them as PDF files. We wish you to spent a nice time during the […]

Steampunk in Centrum Babylon

The Babylon Center in Liberec boasts a new addition to the steampunk decoration of its premises. Faust’s house is finished and you can see its fantastic design right next to the Lunapark entrance.   The local Aquapark, where you will find a great panoramic painting named „The Happy Way“, is also richly decorated with Steampunk […]
Aquapark Babylon


View from the Liberec Region tower

If you are fans of beautiful panoramic views of the countryside, then the Liberec Region has good news for you. A new 360° camera was installed at the highest point of the Liberec Region building.  Online broadcast runs 24 hours a day. The camera captures not only the city center with the city hall and […]